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The training courses offered by Aperture Photo Training (APT) at this time are designed, and intended for those that work in Public Safety.

Attendees taking APT courses can receive training credit towards I.A.I. Forensic Photography & Imaging and Crime Scene disciplines for Certification and Re-Certification.

Current APT courses are designed for personnel who use still photography in the course of their daily duties as; Crime Scene Investigators, Forensic Scientists, Fire Investigators, Detectives, Private Investigators or any anyone whose duties involve investigations of a criminal, accidental or terrorism nature, or any other type of investigation not listed.

All courses are presented in live webinars. During every live webinar, attendees will be able to ask questions, respond to real-time poll questions and see live demonstrations.

Attendees may be required to complete a photographic assignment with certain courses, and pass a final exam at the end of each course. Upon receiving a passing grade, each registered attendee will be presented with a certificate of completion.

These courses are open to students globally, however, all classes are in English only.

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Setting a strong foundation is the key to your success when using photographic equipment, and applying your photographic skills to investigations, or in a forensic laboratory. 

Starting with the “Forensic Photography, Part 1 (Camera Operations)” webinar, you will be instructed on how to confidently operate your camera in any situation.  You will learn how to use light and exposure properly, and the steps for documenting any scene wile using the proper rules of composition.

At Aperture Photo Training, you will receive instruction that will help set a strong foundation in your knowledge base, and more importantly, it will set you on a path towards becoming a successful photographer.


Aperture Photo Training (APT) courses will not only cover photography basics, APT will offer advanced photographic topics, such as: advanced lighting techniques, evidence photography (latent fingerprints, footwear impressions, tool marks, GSR, biological evidence, infrared and ultraviolet photography) and topics requested by students or public safety agencies that may not be listed on the APT list of available courses.

Michael has always had a goal as an instructor to offer a means of learning photography that is easy to understand, but also challenging.  He wants his courses to meet your needs, but he always wants to set you on a path to greater success as you learn to become a photographer, or if your are seeking to improve your current skill level.



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