Opening Your Photographic Mind

Opening Your Photographic Mind



Aperture Photo Training is expanding. 

 We are proud to announce the start of a media production company, "Kamera i Productions", also known as "KiP".  

KiP was officially formed in March of 2024, and we look to start production in the summer of 2024. 

With this exciting news, we are looking for a potential partner to help build the company. 

For anyone interested, you can apply for the posted position on LinkedIn here.

A woman with a camera in a meadow
People taking pictures of the sky


Setting a strong foundation will be the key to your success no matter what profession you choose in Iife, or even If the topic you intend to study becomes only a hobby.

Aperture Photo Training is focused on teaching the basics, intermediate and advanced topics while helping you build your foundational knowledge - no matter how you plan to use what you learn from the offerings at APT.


Aperture Photo Training will continue its policy of providing training that fits the needs of the diverse audience who have learned from Michael Brooks over the last 25 years.

APT will engage with its audience to ensure that the training topics you want to see – you will find. Let us know through our contact page or via our social media pages which topics you would like to see available on the Aperture Photo Training YouTube® Channel.
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"Michael is very well respected in world of forensic scientists, crime scene investigators and in many different realms of photography."

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike to any colleague looking for quality education and training in any subject he chooses to teach."

"I've been told or shown the same [photography] concepts you taught in class so many times and could never grasp them. In your class my understanding opened up considerably. I now feel confident that I can finally understand the concepts that will help me do my job better."

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