Public Safety Training

  • Target Audience

    Members of the public safety and private investigations communities, to include; anyone involved with criminal investigations, accident investigations, fire investigations, death investigations, forensics or general police and fire activities.

    Note: All courses are I.A.I. approved for Forensic Photography & Imaging and Crime Scene Certification and Re-Certification.

  • Private Classes and Bulk Registration

    Aperture Photo Training (APT) also offers private classes to those interested in having a course designed to their specific needs. What this means is if you, or your agency, would like a private course designed for your personnel, or for you, please reach out to us through the contact page and we will see what we can do for you. Also, if an agency would like to register a large group of their personnel for a single session, and would prefer an alternative payment process (e.g., register all on one invoice), please contact us through the contact page.

  • Attendance Policy

    Each webinar can only be attended by person(s) who are registered for the webinar. Certificates of completion, will only be awarded to those registered and to those who successfully pass the course exam(s), and to those who submit required assignments, if any are assigned for that course.

Aperture Photo Training does not permit public broadcasting, auditing/watching, listening or distribution of webinars or any webinar handouts to individuals not registered for a given webinar.

In the schedule below, click on the webinar title for additional information and to register.